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 Mayor of the town [Human, old man]

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PostSubject: Mayor of the town [Human, old man]   30/1/2017, 00:37

Character Profile

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name


Age:between 40 and 60
Sexual Orientation:straight

Social Class:Nobility
Magic use:No
Religion/Main god:Religious, devoted to the Mechanic


Describe your character here.

Generally an older looking man. More details are up to you.

Distinctive signs:
Write a small list on one line here.


Describe how your character generally behaves here.

important points for him would be that he's smart, greedy, and usually puts his own interests before the ones of the town. He's really conscious about how he appears and enjoys being popular. More up to you.

A man who grew up in a Noble family knowing he deserved the best, who with a good campaign and bribing managed to get the job as the mayor a few years ago. More up to you.


Nickname:Your name could be here Smile
Age:Write it here

How did you find the forum?I made it!
Anything to add?This character is up for grabs; we need a mayor, which of course as you can see you can customise to your liking quite a lot!

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Mayor of the town [Human, old man]
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